Messaging Configuration

Some settings aren't specific to either subscriptions or publications. They can be configured using the MessagingConfigurationBuilder.
services.AddJustSaying((MessagingBusBuilder config) =>
config.Messaging((MessagingConfigurationBuilder messagingConfig) =>
// here


Specifies a string or RegionEndpoint to connect to


Specifies the number of times a publication failure should be retried before throwing an exception.


Specifies the amount of time to additionally wait after each publish failure attempt. For example, if this is set to 100ms and PublishFailureReattempts is set to 3, then the wait durations between each failure would be: [0ms, 100ms, 200ms].
  • There is no wait duration before the first publish attempt.
  • This is a linear backoff


Provides an extensibility point that allows you to customise how the Subject is set for messages sent to SNS.
Note that if this is changed, any other consumer of messages published by this app will need to use the same provider, or risk losing messages.


Provides a way to customise the way queue and topic names are generated from type names. For more information see the documentation on naming conventions.