There are many toggles and settings available to tune JustSaying to your workload. For subscriptions, these are accessible via the WithReadConfiguration method when using the fluent API:

x.ForTopic<OrderReadyEvent>(c =>
    c.WithReadConfiguration(rc =>
        // configure here!

Note that these configuration options are per-(queue/topic).


Configures this subscription to use message level encryption, with keys stored in AWS Key Management Service. Provide the KMS Key Id, and optionally a caching period for the key, which defaults to 5 minutes.


Specifies that an error queue should be created for this subscription. This is the default behaviour.


Specifies that no error queue should be created for this subscription. This will also disable the error queue behaviour for this subscription.


Specifies an explicit opt in/out for an error queue. WithErrorQueue/WithNoErrorQueue delegate to this.


Specifies the duration for which messages should be kept in this queue before being automatically deleted. The default is 4 days.


Specifies for how long a message should be invisible to other consumers while it is being handled. The default is 30 seconds. For messages that take a long time to handle, this should be increased to avoid duplicate handling.


Specifies that the topic for this subscription belongs to a different AWS account than the current one. When this is set, a cross-account topic subscription will be created so that messages delivered to the specified account's topic will be delivered to a queue in this account.


Specifies that this subscription belongs to a subscription group. By default, each queue or topic subscription gets its own group.


Provides a way to customise the middleware pipeline for this subscription. For more information, see the documentation on middleware.

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