Sample Application

  • To run the sample application against a simulated AWS SQS / SNS endpoint run this container
    docker pull pafortin/goaws
    docker run -d --name goaws -p 4100:4100 pafortin/goaws
  • Alternatively to use your real AWS account
    • Locate the setup code services.AddJustSaying(...) in both Program.cs and Startup.cs
    • Remove the references to the 'ServiceUrl`
    • Add references to x.WithCredentials(...) supplying your real aws credentials
  • Execute both KitchenConsole and OrderingApi applications
  • Demonstrates
    • Publishing messages to a SNS Topic from a WebApi application and Console Application
    • Receiving messages from a SQS queue subscribed to a SNS topic in a WebApi application and Console Application
  • Further samples in progress
    • Demonstrate use of PublishMetaData
    • Demonstrate integration with CorrelationId
    • Demonstrate use of Cancellation Tokens
    • Add acceptance tests project
    • Add dockerfile for api, console, aws and tests
    • Demonstrate docker-compose executing acceptance tests against other images
Last modified 1yr ago